Family History - Summary

It may seem strange to begin with a summary, but this document will help to make everything else that follows more intelligible. It will be a guide to where the research is headed, and how much progress has been made. It will provide some structure to everything else assembled here.

       Linguistic and Ethnic Roots

All information on the origin and meaning of the family name, related spellings, and the historical background for the earliest Gläsel references will be placed here first.

       Vogtland Roots - The Gläsel Homeland

Until the mid-eighteenth century, all references to our family name come from a fairly compact region of Vogtland. Genealogical information for Gläsels born within a thirty kilometre radius of Adorf, Vogtland in the German province of Saxony will be the focus of this document. Information on the historical events that prompted various branches of the family to emigrate will also be placed here.

       Violin Makers - The Gläsel Tradition of Making Musical Instruments

The Glaesel Stringed Instrument Company is just one part of a long history of Gläsels involved in the business of making musical instruments, especially violins.

       Gläsels in Volhynia - My Branch of the Family Tree

My paternal grandparents immigrated to Canada in 1929, but they lived in the Volhynia region when it was part of the Russian empire before World War I, and part of Poland after the war ended. Volhynia is now part of the Ukraine. Any information on this branch of the family tree, from relatives currently living in Alberta and other parts of Canada, back to the time when my ancestors decided to leave Vogtland, will be placed here.

       Gläsels in America - Bavarian Immigration Around 1850

The 1930 US Census listed 41 residents with Glasel as a last name. Many of those names seem to be related to one or two Gläsel families that came to the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century from Selb, Bavaria or places nearby. Selb is within thirty kilometres of Adorf, and was a major centre for making porcelain in the nineteenth century. Any information on Gläsels who immigrated to the United States, or are the descendants of those immigrants, will be placed in this document.

       Everything Else

You have to have a place to put everything that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, and this document will be the place. Whether it is information on jazz guitar player Johnny Glasel, or the Glasel quintuplets in Israel, or Christian Gläsel’s results from driving vintage race cars, this will be the place to go if you cannot find what you are looking for anywhere else.


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